Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Home is where I have a sturdy shelter over my head,
A place where you cannot be mislead,
Home is where you love and are loved,
When I think of home I know I will be welcomed, kissed and hugged.

Home is where I see a light,
A light that tells me everything will be alright.
No matter how hard it gets,
I will always be able to reset.

It makes me so mad,
To know many people are treated so bad,
Where each night they struggle to find,
Big old box to sleep so cold compared to mine.

Home is like nothing else,
A place where you are treated like a person nothing less,
Let go of all the feelings bottled up inside,
Where your feelings go up and down like the tide.

I love to know,
By writing this poem,
I’m helping someone find their forever home.