Grade 5

New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home!

The Meaning Of Home!

The meaning of home to me,

It means a lot more than you can see.

When I walk up to my home,

I see some garden gnomes.

Until the day is done,

My home is full of fun.

When I play sports,

My family gives support.

My family is the best,

They are better than the rest.

My family loves me more,

Then our big old rustic door.

My family likes to fly kites,

Especially when they look like knights.

My family is very cool,

Especially because we have a pool.

I love my family the same,

The same as this board game.

It’s a game I made up,

While I was drinking out of a cup.

It’s a very fun game,

But it does not have a name.

I’m still working out the kinks,

So that no one really thinks.

This doesn’t make sense at all,

Because I just got squished by a mall!

The game involves a lot of homes,

And in the game and in real life, the meaning of my home is………..