Grade 5

Red Deer

The Meaning of Home

When I think of the safety of home I often ponder about the wars that many have fought in order to protect the cages that we build. The meaning of home can be interpreted in many ways. For me it’s a cage of love and joy.

Some of our brave leave their cages in order to defend their countries that these homes reside in. My cage is like the home for a bird. The cage is built to keep a bird from getting hurt while providing them with shelter, warmth, food, and water. Many animals need protection from predictors or when they need a home from being injured out in the world. While humans do cage these animals, it is a place that is meant to be their home.

When birds get injured out in the wild, people will often put them into cages in order to give them time to heal. While they are in this cage they are being cared for and loved. They are given all the necessities for recovery and safety. The kindness of people offer them sanctuary from the harsh environment that is out in the world. This is much the same as how humans live.

My Cage gives me the same protection as wild animals sometimes need or the pets that we adopt into our homes. My house is strong of the outside, just like a cage. Inside gives me love, safety, support, clothing, food, clean water, and the place to heal when I am injured either physically and mentally. I love my cage and the warmth inside of it. One day I will fly away from the cage my family has given me and I will create my own.

A cage is a home that can keep us secure and safe from harm. My home provides me with what I need to feel at ease and enjoy my time spent inside. My cage is strong, full of love and has everything I need to grow. This is what I feel the meaning of home is and I hope to make my own when I become an adult.