Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

When I think of home, I immediately think of family. I’m lucky enough to have three places that I call home and it all comes down to my amazing family.

The first home is with my parents, two brothers and my sister. With them I always experience support and encouragement. My dad always helps me with my homework and he encourages me to push myself. If I need to talk to someone, my mom is always there to listen. My brothers are ready to play with me and make me laugh. My lil sis is constantly encouraging me to keep active by running around, chasing her. I always feel supported by my family.

My second home is with my grandparents. I enjoy that they are walking distance from my school because I can walk there after to hang out. I enjoy doing puzzles, dancing and watching movies with my grandma. My grandpa is always there to pick me up from school and we like to chat on the way home. I like to laugh and joke around with him. I love those moments with my grandparents.

My third home is with my nana, yeyo and titi Ana, who are from El Salvador, where my dad is from. We usually facetime with family members there. Once I got to visit. They taught mespanish like, hola/hi, como estas/How are you? When I visit my titi Ana we dance, draw and make bracelets. I love spending time with them and learning about El Salvador.

The point I am trying to make is how lucky I am to have places I call home and others deserve that as well. Family is the meaning of home, that involves support, encouragement and love. As my nana always says, “me casa es su casa”!