Grade 5

Red Deer

The Meaning of Home

If you have a home, have you ever imagined what it would be like if you had an apartment? A home might not even be a big, large house, it could be anything, an apartment, bungalow or even a shelter. What I mean is, that home isn’t a large, big house. Home is just a place where you keep memories, where you love and where you are happy. Memories are a part of home, whether it’s a good one or a bad one. Apartment or shelter. And so I have always wondered what it was like to live in an apartment. Did you always make friends with your neighbours? Was it ever noisy? I knew that I probably wouldn’t get all these answered. But I knew one thing for sure. It was a place filled with joy, love and memories. Even if you have bad memories, it’s all a part of life. Not only did I wonder about apartments, what about shelters? People who can’t afford a house to enjoy. Maybe they have memories in the shelters, who knows? People might treat those at or below the poverty line differently. They judge them, possibly gossiping about how awkward it must be. But really, it’s awkward for them because others are whispering about them. They can’t really get proper jobs, either.
Memories are in each and every one of them. Home is just completely different for everybody and anybody. I doubt you will find somebody with the same meaning of home as somebody else. Sometimes they’ll say “Apartments!” “Cottages!” “Mansion!” “Townhouse!” And hopefully, that’s how it will stay. If the world was completely the same, everybody acts the same, dresses the same. Even eat the same food! That would be boring, you would know what to expect, and life wouldn’t be as interesting.
I’d like to say that memories and meanings of home will differ in many ways, no matter what, memories will have a place in the meaning of home. Apartments could be homes. Anything that you make memories in, as in a place where you love, rest and enjoy, is most likely home.
Honestly, I feel like home might actually be the same for some people, maybe. If so, maybe they think alike, or they feel like home has the same meaning, all I’m saying is that home might not always be different for others. But it always could mean different things.