Grade 6


The Meaning of Home


In the dictionary it says that “Home” is “a place where one lives permanently especially, as a member of a family or household” but I believe it is so much more. To me home is a feeling, a feeling of love, safety and warmth.

Coming back to a nice warm home after being outside in the bitter cold weather is a wonderful feeling. However, it is not the only kind of warmth in a home. The other kind is the kind you feel in your heart. The kind that you feel every time after a hard day – if you are feeling worn out and stressed, all the negativity is gone once you walk through the front door. Home is a place that’s warm and comforting.

Being comfortable and secure are two very important roles in a home. Those kinds of feelings are built by the people who guide you through life. Those times you are being bullied and shut down are the times your family sticks up for you, because they are the people you put all your trust into, those are the people you love.

To me home is a place surrounded by the people you love most. A great thing about home is you can go wild and crazy knowing you will always be accepted, because they are the people you can count on to be by your side. Your family can also be loving through memories of the past. Seeing tears of joy or sadness can be sad but you know there will always be someone there with a hug.

To me a home isn’t just a building nor a place, but a feeling. Home should have love, safety and warmth because that is what home truly means to me.