Grade 5

Red Deer

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me is wherever you feel comfortable and safe even if it’s not your house. If you go somewhere your house is not your home your is home where you are staying. It’s where you feel good, where you have fun, and it’s where you sleep. It’s where you live in that certain place. The homeless don’t have homes because they don’t live in that specific place.

Your home could be your house, the hotel that you’re staying in, your trailer when you’re camping. They’re all homes. If someone lives in their car that is their home. If someone lives in a campsite that is where they are living for a little or a lot. That’s their home.
Say you go to your grandparent’s house for a few nights. That is your home for a little while or if you’re moving to a new home that means that is now your home either for a long time or forever.

The homeless just don’t have a building or structure to live in. If the homeless go to someone that lets them sleep in their home then to the homeless person it’s also a little bit of his or her home for a little. If kids that live in the orphanage say they don’t have a home they’re right they don’t because a home is incomplete unless you have a family or people to love you. Being homeless doesn’t mean that they are poor being poor is different than being homeless. Being homeless means, you just don’t have somewhere to live somewhere where they feel loved or somewhere where you don’t have a family. If someone says that they are homeless and they have a family that means they do have a home they just might not live in it.

I have a great loving family and an amazing home. I’m wealthy and healthy and strong. I have a perfect home for me. My home is complete because I have a family who supports and cares for me. If you don’t have a family your home isn’t fully complete and I have a family so my home is complete.

That’s what I think the meaning of home is.