Grade 5

Red Deer

The Meaning of Home

If you feel the magic in the air when you enter your home, you know how it feels and you might relate to this essay. If you don’t know how the magic feels then listen up and I will tell you! I know we can’t SEE the magic in the air at our homes.. But it’s there.. Trust me…

The amazingness of homes and how it makes you feel is just the beginning of why homes are special. Soooooo many different ways, what ways can you think of? And why do those special things happen?

Think about what you have in YOUR home and how it makes you feel. Now think about other people’s homes. We all have different ideas of home and we all have different things in our homes. Maybe you have more than one home, maybe your school is where you also feel at home. Think about it…

What does home mean to you? How do you feel when you enter your home?
I have some ideas of home, home is happiness, love, respect. Home is where memories and friendships are made. Sometimes your home makes you laugh and feel joyful.

I’m not saying home is the best place ever, and sometimes it makes you cry and makes you sad. But we’re all lucky to have homes. Sometimes people don’t have homes and that’s very very sad. You never truly appreciate your home until you really really really think about it. You never realize how lucky you are. We should appreciate the small things. Some of us are even lucky to be alive!

Really dig deep… Don’t think of your home as just a pile of bricks and wood, think of it as memories, happiness, love and many more things. Now, if your parents told you that your home was going to be sold and you would move to a new home, you’d be pretty sad right? All your memories were there. Maybe even you took your first steps there. Or maybe you learned to speak there. Maybe you had a special birthday there. Those are all things you would leave behind, well sure you’d still remember those things but when you walk into the place where it all happened, it’s magical. It’s like gumdrops and sprinkles! It’s a rush of emotions and you feel like a queen or king in a castle! We all should appreciate it more.

It doesn’t matter what your home looks like, its special memories that keep us connected and those memories make you who you are today! Without your home, you’d feel lost and broken inside. The magic is what I have been talking about a lot. Most of you may be saying “Magic isn’t real” but it’s not card tricks or pulling a bunny out of a hat that makes magic happen. Magic is the feelings and love inside of us. Never forget that! Remember the saying, “Home Sweet Home.”

It’s the magical mist inside that makes everything special. No.. it’s not “real” mist.. It’s not fairy dust or magic pixie sugar. It’s just the feelings and happiness. What would you say if you lost your home in a fire? That would make you feel bad right? Well if not.. Then reading this essay will most likely change your perspective. If yes.. Then reading this essay will most likely make you appreciate everything more.