Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

When I think of home, I think of a place that has significant meaning for it. A home is like a hangout where you can go every day to relax.

A home is a shelter where you feel safe. It’s not like a place you would travel to. People usually think of a house as a haven where you feel like you can go to every day to unwind and hang out with your family members. When I am at my house, I like to play card games with my parents and my sister. I also like to watch T.V. with my family. I am very grateful for that. I am happy that I can come home to a group of people who love and care for me. A tribe that respects me even if I make wrong choices in life. A group of people who know me well enough to be by my side in whatever I do. I will not take this for granted. I know that some people may not have a household full of family members to go to every day, so I am very thankful that I have a clan that loves and cares for me.

A home carries many stunning and unbelievable memories. Many people have grown up in their homestead. I remember when I took my first steps. That moment felt very memorable. Many people have taken their first steps in their homes, in the same way, I did. All of these memories are very special. Most people would keep these memories in their minds until the day they die. These memories make me feel congenial and beloved.

Most residences have a soft spot. There is this one spot in your house that is the place where you and your genealogical family hang out the most. For me, that is our living room. We go there every day to talk about our day, play games, and sometimes watch movies and the news altogether. All of us love to hang out with each other. A lot of families have this soft spot in their dwelling place. Everybody loves to go there and talk about what happened in their day, as I do, mostly every day.

I am very grateful for my residence and family. I am happy that lots of people have shelter to go to every day. I know that some people don’t have a house or folks to go to after school or after work, so I appreciate my family and my home.