Grade 5


The meaning of home

The meaning of my home for me is …. When I come inside from outside, I open the door and then a warm breeze touches my lips, then down to my body. I love my home so much because of my family. They make my home full of spirits, everybody. Home, is my place, a place I’ll forever stay. Thank God, for this stunning place. A place I’ll sleep, a place I’ll eat . A place where I have space to play. My home Is full of pictures that are on the wall that bring so many memories even past the centuries. This is my base, my favourite place, the place that I was born, and grew older, up to now. My home is a place that you can express yourself; sad, happy, mad. So I feel sorrowful for the people that don’t have a home. I write on paper to help them get a home. Because, I want them to have a home that is…warm, that’s full of good spirits, a place that they call a “forever home”. A place where you can eat, a place where you can sleep. a place where they can share a good memory with their family, with pictures on the wall. A home is a home to store your worries, a home is where you say bye to gloom and hi to bloom. Home is a place where I feel secure loved and respected every day. Home is so many things I cannot even say. THIS is my home and I love it the way it is . My home is the best home in the world. East or west home is best!