Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

When I see home I see happiness and joy. My home is a place where we eat, sleep, work, and care. The outside of my home could be ugly the inside could be messy but I have a place that is safe and comfortable. At home you can have parties and have playdates. A home is a safe full of memories and freedom. Home can be the place where you grew up. Home is the place where you have made stuff in your basement or garage. Your home feels like heaven in the real world. Home is full of furniture which gives it colour and the people living inside it give life. When the house sees you coming in it’s like a dog waiting for you. Your house is always excited to see what delicious food you eat every day and how you appreciate it giving you a roof over your head and a safe place to rest. When you bring guests to your house and they complement it the house feels special and happy. When the house sees you have kids it will be excited that more people will move in. When kids and adults leave for school or work the house has the same feeling as a puppy who is alone. When the house gets hit by anything on purpose it will get sad like a person who got hurt. The people inside the heart of the house. When the people die the house does too. But it will never forget its original owner.