Grade 4

Victoria, bc
British Columbia

The Meaning Of Home

The Meaning of Home
By Maya

I think of home and how safe and secure I can be,
if I feel sick or hurt my knee.

I smell the scent of my mom or cleaning supplies
that smell like a freshly-cleaned pool.

I touch my soft bed and it is serene.
I feel cozy, safe, and comfortable when I am at my mama house.

My other house has three stories and I live in the middle and top.
I feel cozy, safe and comfortable when I am at my mommy’s house.

I love to play in the gym
with my stepbrother Gabriel’s stuffie mouse.

I think of my siblings Alex, Gabriel, and Brynn
and all of the fun we share together and that makes me grin.

Home is a place I can relax,
a place I can feel loved, warm, comfortable, and safe.

The best places to be in my house are the gym and living room.
We can swing on the rings and watch movies in the gym.

The living room is one of the most peaceful and comfortable places to be in the entire house.
We are all allowed to be on our iPads in the living room before dinner.

Having no home would be very sad and scary.
Getting meals would be very difficult.

I can’t imagine what no home or no shelter would be like.
I’m grateful for my house, my family, clean water to drink and health.

Home reminds me of all the wonderful memories I made there with my stepbrothers and my sister.
We should all be thankful for our homes and what we have.

Being grateful is important because some people don’t have what you do.
It breaks my heart to see people on the street without food or shelter.

If I am in the car with my mom and I see somebody who is homeless, I wish that I could just give the person a home.

Sometimes I have to just close my eyes and turn away because it hurts me so much.
Everybody deserves a home!