Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me is a safe place. At home, I can play, eat, sleep and most importantly be with my family. Family is very important in everybody’s life, especially mine. Home can be a place where I can be who I want to be and feel how I want to feel. In some places around the world, you can’t be who you want to be or feel how you want to feel, and I think that needs to change. I feel that all people should be able to speak and feel in a way that makes them feel like themselves. While not all people in the world have a physical structure to live in, many do have a place to gather with their families. This represents home and the feeling of home. To me what makes a home is: living in a clean, safe place to gather, eating, sleeping, and connecting with my Mom, Dad, brother and neighbours. Home also gives me a place to study with friends, cook, play, debate, learn and grow. All people in the world should have this.
The meaning of home to me is not about how big my house is or if I have a big room, it’s about having family and friends, a warm feeling where you know people love you and you love them. Most importantly, home is about being around the people you love most and feeling safe. We. Need. Family. Everybody. Needs. A. Home.