Grade 5


The meaning of home

Home is a safe place for me,
Home is something to be grateful for,
Home is to have a roof over your head.
Home is where you have shelter and everything you need.

Many people don’t have homes,
They have to stay outside in the cold or hot,
Freezing or getting hot.
As i write this poem i can make those feelings a not,
I want people to cry tears of joy not tears of sadness.
Happiness is a cure for sadness, sadness is a virus that can’t be controlled.
Home is a calm place for me,
Home is like school, you eat,drink,have education,and many more.

Many people don’t have school or a place to call home,
Home is a warm place just like the sun or the warm air.
I want people to feel warm in a place they can call home,
I want to see people with tears of joy as they have everything they need,
I want them to know they are amazing and that they worked hard
to get where they are right now.
I want them to feel that they have a place that is cozy like a blanket,
Warm as the spring grass.

Their place to call home may not be as fancy as a house but a normal home would be better than a place that is nasty.
A normal house is fancy to them because they have a house.

Habitat for Humanity is the key to all locked problems, if you place the key freedom,happiness and joy will come to those. Habitat for humanity is working to make the world better, and we are working on the no poverty goal.