Grade 5


The meaning of home

Roof over your head,
Protecting you from crisis,
Making you comfortable.

Our home is important,
Making you warm and others warm,
And it’s a safe place to stay.

The place that you’ve grown,
Its happy if you have a home,
Because your home is not like everybody’s home.

A place you can stay,
The place you can play,
And the place you can bond with friends and family.

People that do not have a home,
How sad they live in a cold, cold place,
That’s why I want them to have their own home so they can be warm like us.

Your home is as warm as the sun,
It’s a miracle came from God,
To keep you warm.

The home that you have right now,
Is a gift from God, you are home, waiting to go inside,
So it can keep you comfortable.

My home is small but I’m grateful I have a home,
It keeps you warm and comfortable.
If you move you will miss your old home,
But don’t worry you will have the same beautiful warm home,
Every home is the same even if it’s bigger or smaller it will be the same it will be warm and comfortable.
There is no place like home.