Grade 6

New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home

When I think of home it’s not just a place,it’s not just a structure but a feeling and safe space.Home is what I come from full of memories like the sun beaming into a cold dewy window while reading a book.Home is a place you should feel safe where you belong no matter what age,gender or race.

Home is the nerf gun fights on a Saturday afternoon,it’s the back door you need to slam shut so it won’t blow open in the full moon.

Home is the after dinner card games that always end in fight’s.

Home is a place with lots of pets,it’s full of memories that will last forever like my brother cutting his forehead open and spending the whole day in the E.R.,it’s the night my cat got hit by a car.

Home is where I feel safe it’s where I’m in my happy place.The warm fuzzy feeling where you know you belong,my brothers yelling at me and getting sent to our room.It’s when the stove caught on fire while just my brother and mom were home.I’m so grateful I have a roof over my head a bedroom a bathroom and that I’m well fed.

I love our pizza nights and family Kahoot.So with this contest it can change people’s lives and make them feel safe.Home is the place I feel most safe it’s where I belong and a happy place.