Grade 4

Portugal Cove - St. Philip's
Newfoundland and Labrador


Home means a lot to me. We are very lucky to have a home. Some people don’t have homes.

Home is where you are safe and warm and is cuddly

Home is with love, care, help, friendship, hope, hugs,kisses and family.

Home is something very important to me. I love my home it’s fun.

My brother, my mom, my dad and me we all love our home. Home and friends and family are the best things i could ever have.

Home is important to me because it has food, friends family, shelter and it keeps us safe.

And that is what home means to me.
the end

Why home is important
Home is a safe place to be. Home is warm. It has important things in it.

Some people don’t have homes. So we are very lucky. A house is not a home with no family in it so a house is not as important as a home.
The end