Grade 6

Middle Sackville
Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home

We are a very active family. Some examples of the activities we did over the last year was to go on long walks every day during covid in our neighbourhood. We went dirt biking a lot this summer and went to a track that i’ve never been to before.

In the summer we went swimming and fishing in the lake near our house and we did it with my friends. We go on a lot of bike rides during the summer. Sometimes me and my friend go in the mud on our bikes and we ruin them.

In the winter we go sledding at my neighbors house because they have a big hill. We also skate on some of the ponds in the subdivision.

Inside our house we spent time playing board games sometimes like Monopoly and The Game of Life and we all fought. Especially me and my brother. We watch tv every night in our living room, and we watch the NFL,NHL, and the Goldbergs
Me and my brother play video games for 1 hour a day and we and we have 2 consoles and 2 tvs and the games I play are Rocket League, and NHL 21.

On my family members birthdays my cousins grandparents and other family members come over, we eat a big dinner and have cake and open gifts.