Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

What Home Means to Me

Everybody has a special place to be,
Home is the special place for me.
Sweet memories from dawn till night,
Like a shooting star glowing bright.

Home is my only sanctuary,
Where I can always come back to no matter what.
I know I will be safe and protected,
From any harm and sadness.

Home is where I have fun,
Together we laugh and run.
Everyone gathers to play,
We all enjoy throughout the day.

Home is where we support each other,
Whether you are sad or in need of help.
With hugging and kissing,
Any sorrow or trouble goes away.

Home is where everything will unfold
Whether you are young or old
We can all cuddle with each other,
And watch the fireworks together.

Home is also a place for learning,
Where we learn about respect and manners.
With practice and perseverance,
We will all grow and succeed in our lives!