Grade 4


The Meaning Of Home

The Meaning of Home

My house brings me shelter but my home brings me much more. It brings laughter. It brings smiles and joy. It is where you grow up when you laugh and cry.

The thought of someone not having a house just makes me cry. Home is not about how big or small it is or if you’re rich or poor, it is about the memories you make in it. Your home is where you can do much more, come home from a long day and be yourself where you don’t have to pretend you’re someone you’re not . You don’t have to worry where you’re going to sleep at night or if you’re going to be judged cause guess what you’re not. In my home I have clean running water and electricity, I also have my family where we can play games and have lots of fun. When I come home from school I know my family will be waiting. I love to spend time with my family. My family and I are very lucky to have a home. Some people don’t have a home. It is really sad so let’s make a change. Write for what home means to you. We can raise 10 dollars for each meaning of home written that’s a lot across canada. This will help someone in your community get a home. Let’s all try to do this.