Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

Home to me is a safe and loving place. A place where your family is. At my home, me, my mom, and my brother all feel happy. When I am at home, I feel it is a place where I can relax and let go of all of my problems. My home might not be perfect, but it’s perfect for my family. That’s what matters. At home I feel cared for. At home I believe I am with people I can trust. I have many treasured memories at home that I would not trade for anything. My home is not just for me, my mom, and my brother, but it’s also home to many animals. It is home to three dogs and one cat. My family and I often go on trips and vacation so I make where we go my home. I think that whatever feels comfortable is home. To me home stands for honest, magnificent ecosystem. To me home is filled with animals and family. Some people say home is where you hang your hat. I don’t think this is true, I never wear hats. At my home there is always amazing food and wonderful desert. My mom is the best cook. When I’m at home I love to sit and play games with my brother. My home in the summer has a gigantic trampoline in the backyard. What home home means to me is whenever the cat goes missing for more than one hour me and my brother go on a man hunt to find him. To me home is the place where you sleep. Home to me is where you feel comfortable.