Grade 4


The Meaning Of Home

The Meaning Of Home

Home is joy. Home is pride.

Home has celebrations that are unforgettable, home has things that are incredible, home has memories you will never forget.

Bonding with friends and family,
is a blessing from above.

Home is where I read and have fun!
Home is where I feel safe.

Home is not a shelter,
It holds my family together.

There are some things that I accept and things that I regret.Embarrassing moments,amazing thoughts,will help me feel stronger and better about the home I live in today.
I am very grateful because without my home I would not be who I am today.

Without my home, I would not have been raised.
When I am sad, home makes me feel amazed.

Home is a special place,
because I have my very own space.

A home is somewhere you can act and play any day,
Home helps me in anyway.I play with my dad,cook with my mom,share with my siblings.Home lets me express my feelings to others.

A home is a special place and I could never forget that. Home is where you sleep and pray, and play with your pets.

Sadly to say,some people don’t have somewhere to stay,
so I am very grateful for the home that I have today.

When I write this poem for all to see,
I am trying to help make a home for all those in need.

We should all try to make a change because seeing a smile on people’s face,
can help the general human race.