Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

Before covid, home was a place that you could invite loved ones like friends and family over.

Now in these times, home is a place where you connect with your loved ones with technology and other creative ideas. When I get home, I can feel my heart bursting with happiness. There are so many things to offer. It’s exciting to come home to hug dad and wonder what adventures there are to offer. On Fridays when I come home from school I’m even more excited because Fridays are movie nights. On movie nights we might watch a scary movie or a funny movie but the best part of movie nights is being with my family. Some nights I just like to read Harry Potter and drink hot chocolate with my family. I jump on my comfy bed and drift off to sleep. I’m happy when it is a special occasion because my mom might make a special meal and usually on birthdays she and I make cake with icing and sprinkles.

My home is like a hug, a haven and a lovely cloud. My home is more than a place to relax, it’s a place to make memories and cherish them. Home is where I learn from all my mistakes and where I learn to get up when I fall.

Sometimes we plan adventures to go sledding or just play in the snow. Sunday cuddles make me feel safe and the gentle voice of my mom makes me feel calm. The magic of my home is special and not all people have that warmth. The warmth that happens when you spend time with loved ones and sit by the fireplace drinking hot chocolate with your family. I hope that this poem will help someone in need.