Grade 5


The Meaning Of Home

Home to me is a place of safety. Home is a place
where you should not be afraid. It’s a place where nothing
bad can happen. Home is a place where we accept
everyone from any culture, any gender, or any religion. A
place where you should feel protected. A warm and
peaceful place. Home is a place where you can sleep
without worrying. A place of forgiveness. A place of
privacy for all things. Home is a place that’s familiar and is
full of people who care very much. At home there may be
some fights and arguments, but at the end of the day you
make up and it’s all ok. There’s something about a home
that makes everyone happy whether it’s a house,
apartment, or even the streets. We’re all happy to have a
place to call home. Home can be chaotic at times, even
for me when my siblings fight and yell at me. However,
I’m happy for that because I’m learning things every time
like forgiveness and tolerance. For my siblings, it may be
chaos to hear my bad flute music everyday, but I’m
learning in my own way. I hope that this story will help
someone find a good home.
I hope,I hope,I hope.