Grade 5


the meaning of home

Thursday February 14 2019
This is what my home means to me. Home is where I love to be, the place that I can be me. I love the memories I have made, the laughter I have heard is pure. The love that I share with the ones that I care about is sweet. I love my home and I wouldn’t want to leave. My home means a lot to me. I love my room and everything in it. Not all people have home so we shouldn’t take advantage of our home. Some people aren’t as lucky as us and they have to live on the streets. It is risky for these people in the winter because it gets very cold. It is important that we do all we can to help these people because if this continues and more people don’t have enough money to pay for their houses and bills less residents of Oshawa will have homes.

By Tenesha.J