Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

A home, it is the place where you truly love most of all. It is always awaiting you and you know you can trust it. A home is also the place to communicate with others, a place to try and explore new things, a place to have fun, a place to relax, a place to be around others and a place to feel safe.

A home is the place to communicate with others. A home is the place to have meaningful discussions with the ones you love. You can catch up on what is new. It is a meeting spot you know is always there.

A home is the place where you can have tonnes of fun! At home you can do what you enjoy to make your day! Things like playing games with your family or you may have fun watching your favourite movies and gobbling up scrumptious snacks.

A home is the place you love arriving to from a busy day to relax in. It is the spot where you can grab a cold drink and stretch out on the sofa, in your soft, comfortable bed or where ever your favourite spot is! It is the spot where you can sleep with comfort and where you can do your favourite calming activity when you are settling down from a hectic day.

A home is always there for you, in the good and in the bad times. At home, you can build relationships, explore anything new and have the times of your whole life. It is the place to wind down and many, many other things is what a home serves as to each and every one of us. Most importantly, a home is a place where memories are made.