Grade 6


The meaning of home

Home is a place where we live. Home is a place where we eat. Home can be a place where we learn. Home is the base, we can do so many things. But to me home means family. I thought of family because at home you can gather your family and play some games. You can even make a movie night or a big dinner for your whole family at home! To me, home also means comfort. I chose comfort because at home you can sit down on a couch and read or watch a movie with a blanket. But comfort doesn’t just mean that. It can also mean that you’re comfortable because your family supports you. And finally home can also mean a safe place. Home is safe because you live in privacy. It’s just you and your family. No shouts, no car noises. It’s the oasis of peace.
It can be a safe place because no one is allowed to enter your house except for the owners like your family. This is what home means to me. Home means many things!
Like I said it can means Comfort, family, and safety.