Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

WARNING: Long Story
(Alex is the person in this book, Alex can be female or male depending on what you want)
Another day, another time. When I was young I knew what the meaning of home was, I knew what love was, I knew how to be happy, and I knew what a good life felt like… but now… now I will forever be alone.
Chapter One
“Alex! ALEX!” called my little sister from the hallway “Five more minutes…” I groaned to her half asleep “ITS CHRISTMAS! GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUTT!” she yelled in my ear “AH!” I screamed as she pushed me off the bed “I’M UP!” “Then let’s go!”. We bolted downstairs and saw my mom coming in with a huge present. “Finally you two are awake!” She sighed. We unwrapped presents and I got lots of toys and blankets “Thank you!”
I thanked everyone that night and I still hold onto the memory. Every night, every year, every Christmas. over the years I lost count of how many nights people walked by and pulled their children closer and stared me down. I ignored, I waited, I watched.
Every night I wait, every night I watch, every night I hope that things will be like before, but it never is and never will be.
Chapter Two
Sad times
Again I awake to the cold world and hold up a sign “Help me please” It said. I forget who gave me this sign, but it wasn’t working very well. People would look at me with disgusted faces and throw papers at me. The only thing that would help me was my family. They would always send me food, money, anything to help me. but now… now they’re dead. They died in a car crash one month ago; the same month I lost all hope. I know this because I live on the streets in front of a casino, they have TVs all on the walls with the news on it and it just so happens that I was awake at the moment to see it. At that moment I knew that nothing will ever change… NEVER.
The next day I wake up thinking to myself will this nightmare ever end? Will I ever love again? No is the first thing that comes to mind and “No” Is what I want to stick with. but something in me tells me that… there is hope… nah I tell myself… but then again… isn’t hope what brings us to the top of this mess? That’s it! Tonight I will venture out to find a new place! A place that people don’t stare me down, a place that doesn’t throw me away like a tiny piece of trash!
Chapter Three
Along journey ahead
Today’s the day. The day I escape this dirt hole… as I packed my stuff I realized that I can’t go anywhere. Who would take in a homeless person? I know death wants me but I won’t let it take my life away just yet… I fight it… but why? if I die I can rejoin my family and live the rest of my afterlife happily! No, my instincts tell me, NO! I will live. I decide to travel to Mexico. Maybe they will accept me. Now wouldn’t that be nice!
After walking for maybe six hours? Seven? I stop to rest. Along the way I found logs, and since I always have a packet of matches to warm myself, I can make a fire and rest in my blankets I got from the Christmas you ventured into. As I drown into the darkness of sleep, I see a white… spirit? Beside it was a red-ish black-ish…? Well, it was a spirit as well. they were talking… the little balls of smoke were talking… but about what? It was some foreign language I didn’t know. “Love” is the only word I could understand… “love” I heard it again. I tried to speak to them but nothing came out of my mouth. Suddenly they started speaking English “Alex will get to Mexico!” The white one said “Alex won’t be able to” said the other one “Yes he/she can!” “No never”. They were arguing… and I realized they were my spirit. the white one was my light side and the black-ish one was my dark side. I get it now. My dark side was louder, more… aggressive. My light side was being drowned out… I was… negative. I need to change this to have even a little chance… but it’s hard. I try. More and more I try to change my spirit. Then suddenly I fell back and felt a wind flushing over me. “SCREEEEACH” I heard a piercing scream as my dark spirit loomed over me. I kicked up trying to get it away and stay positive, but it didn’t work. my soul was drowning in my negative ways.
I need to wake up.
After that nightmare, I really did wake up. I looked around and pinched myself in hoping that I was actually awake… and I was, but I had this feeling that… well… nothing was real. I grabbed my bag and continued walking. I find a sign saying I was 12,000 km away from Arizona, not to bad. After walking for 2 days with only five-minute rests, I decided I need to check where I am. I look around for a sign and I found one saying “1,000 m to Arizona” so close! “Yes! I’m going to make it!” I shout to the world when I’m 6,000 km from Mexico. People stop and stare at me with confused faces and I dash into an alleyway making sure they weren’t following. I come to the conclusion that I am not welcomed in Arizona whatsoever. After I settled down for a rest. People threw food at me making me dirtier than before, but I decided to look at the bright side… now I have food! I quickly pick up the food from the ground making sure there was no ants and put it in the bag. I left one loaf of bread out of the bag and ate it before the ants could reach it. After a little snack, I set off to Mexico again. after six or more hours of walking, I see another sign that says “WELCOME TO MEXICO!” and I bolt to it. I run, run faster, run quicker, and after 2 days and 17 or so hours, I’m finally here!
Chapter Four
I’m Here!
I walk over the border weary of the guards that lay hidden in the towers. I slither through the broken bricks that someone else broke. I step on a stick and hear it crack under my weight and I heard footsteps coming for me! I froze not knowing what to do. I watched as the guards came closer and closer, then suddenly they stopped. I saw them look in my direction and I try to make a run for it, but before I took a step I realized they were looking at someone else. they run toward the person on the other side of me and they didn’t notice me. they were dragging the person away I need to do something. I swiftly grab the guard’s arm prying it off the person and I do the same with the other. I had all black clothes so it made me hard to see in the night. I and the person ran through the cracked brick path with the guards catching up to us. I had no time to think. I threw my cape over to the person. She caught it and put it on and we blended into the darkness. the guards looked around frantically before turning around to go back to their position and wait. We bolted out of the tight space and panted.”So… who are you?” I said between breaths of exhaustion “I’m… well… let me know who you are first!” “Hm… that’s not very nice to say to the person who just saved you… I’m Alex” I said slowing my breathing to my regular pace “Trinity” she said doing the same. we continued walking for a long time each minute getting more and more awkward. “So… where are you going?” Trinity questioned “I… don’t know” I responded “Well I’m going to my grandma’s house” “Cool…”. We walked for a while and she found her grandma’s house and bolted into it. when she got inside I saw a nice old lady hugging her. Family. They waved to me goodbye and I waved back. Lonely… once again.
Chapter Five
I continually look for a good spot to raise my sign and I saw a familiar face… mom? Yes, it really is her! We spot each other and dashed toward each other “Mom!” I called to her “Alex!” she called back “Oh how I missed you!” She mumbled as she pulled me into a hug “I thought you were dead!” I told her and she let go confused “Oh! No, no honey that was your aunt” “WHAT? I never knew I had an aunt!” I was shook “Who was the girl who looked like my sister then?” I asked desperate to know the answer “Well… that was acually your sister” I froze as I felt sadness wash over me. We talked for a bit and we rented a apartment with the money my mom had left “You know… the funeral is happening soon… would you like to come? And say your last words to your sister?” She asked me “Okay” I reponed without hesitation. after the funeral, we contacted my father and he came over and bought us a house.
Chapter Six
The Meaning of Home
We had food, clothes, warmth and I became more positive every day. I became friends with Trinity. Despite the death of my sister and my aunt, my family and I were happy. It was like before… and I knew my sister and aunt were watching over us. I was happy, so very happy and I once again knew… the wonderful, fantastic, warm and comfortable…
Meaning of Home!