Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Home to me is a place where I feel loved by my family,friends and even pets. We all laugh a lot,play games and have fun! It’s a place where memories go floating everywhere, where dreams come to life,where the laughter is way to loud for your ears and when I am in my room I think of everything,I create awesome things and most of all its where I have my alone time,but when I’m downstairs it’s way more exciting! I feel comfortable, I feel freedom, I feel joy and i feel safe. When I come home from a bad dad I can finally let my tears out, my family and friends give me love and after that I feel way better.I don’t feel embarrassed to do embarrassing things in my home, I love my home and i love everybody that live in my home! I hope you enjoyed this piece of writing and I hope this helps someone else get a home.