Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Home is where you make new memories each day.
It’s where you give your parents a good night kiss, you go to sleep and you feel safe and comfortable.
It’s where you can create and have the support you need to get through tough times.
You feel joy when you walk in the house and I see joy in my family.
Where you can be lazy and sit on the couch.
A place where you can spill out your feelings and have people care about you.
You have responsibilities but still have lots of fun.
Where you get to feel love and not hate. You have courage and you encourage others.
It’s where I have fun and you tell funny jokes and laugh a lot. Where you can be crazy and can be very loud no matter what .
Home is where I’m protected from bad things that can happen to me.
It’s where you have the freedom you need and you can be trusted and have a positive attitude with everything you do.
When you feel the warmth of love when you walk in the house. Where you can cry and hug a lot when your sad .
You listen to music as loud as you want but not to loud .
where you spend a lot of time with the people you love like your family and friends.
No matter what other people think of my house I still love it. That’s what home means to me.