Grade 5


The Meaning Of Home

The Meaning Of Home

Home isn’t just a place where you live,
To me, it’s a place with people who are supportive.
Who support you for being yourself,
And not anybody else
To me, home is a place where you feel all warm and cozy inside
Because you know the people around you won’t make you feel denied
Home makes me feel happy
And kinda sappy
Home makes me feel like anything is possible
It makes me feel like I’m unstoppable
When I’m at home, I feel so safe
Because all this passion is filled in this space
Home is a place where I feel endless love
I have so much more than enough
I’m so thankful for what I got
Sometimes it may seem like I’m not
But I’m truly grateful
Because I have food on my table
I know some people aren’t that lucky
And don’t have enough money
So I want to make a difference
Maybe give someone a new experience
If I could help in any kind of way
It would make my day
The feeling of home is fantastic
It almost like it’s magic.

Written By: Katherine Li