Grade 5


The Meaning Of Home

A home is where families are filled with joy and not sorrowness. Home is where our families have warmth and excitement and all the hate and fears are backed off. Home is filled with strength and independence.Our homes are filled with happy and joyful memories! Home is where we are not ashamed of who we are !We share and give in our homes to make other people happy like us.Home is a forgiving and passionate place. Everyone who lives
a happy life , lives a long life. Everyone has a blessed home that can be their quiet place for alone time.Home is having activeness and not to be a quitter. Home is where everyone has care for the people who don’t have care. Home is an accessible place with relatives who can comfort you when your sad. Home is where you achieve your biggest dreams to be what you want to be. Home is where happy children are. Home, is a place to be proud
of who you are and who others are. Many people with a happy life are determined to find cures for cancer and other illness’.Home is not about the nice clothing you have , home is about how you love , share , care and forgive others. Home is giving the things you don’t use anymore to the people who will. Home is where you have the most funnest times with your family.Home can have more and more stability if YOU can do the right thing.Home gives you courage to stand up for someone and to stand up for yourself.
Home is not a place for you to bully and wreck. Be kind and keep your home strong and healthy. Remember to stay strong and live a long happy life!