Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

the meaning of home

A home is what keeps me save when i lie in my bed i thank god for my home before i take a peace full sleep cause I can sleep on my bed not on the streets I can be happy and full of joy. Me and my family like to play we can do it saveley in are house instead of being outside with a mouse. Not being scared and afraid I feel safe like my family we pray almost every night to god and thank him for the house we get its not to big its not too small my house is very special. To me because I have a lot of memere in my house it protects me from bad people, thunderstorms, hurricanes, lighting, I can do what I Need and want to in peace instead of having to doing it outside with everybody looking at me when i’m doing work getting changed so i thank god for everything i got thank you for everything god.