Grade 5

Grande Prairie

The Meaning of Home

What is the meaning of home?The meaning of home is where someone lives permanently. It’s the permanent home of someone.a Home kind of like a habitat for a human. Home is a place where you can feel safe and comfortable. In your home you can sleep,eat,laugh and talk comfortably. Home is the place you make your favourite memories and feel true calming peace when you are sad. For example if you live in your home then go to school you could say “ I left my HOME for school then came back to my HOME after the school day was over.”don’t you notice how you always say ‘Home” instead of “House”? Your home is your main spot, the place you grow up in. you laugh, love, give hugs and sometimes even cringe a bit. One of the things that I think of when I think of home is ‘Family” my home is where my family feels safe and comfortable. My home is where I can be myself without anyone judging me or being rude to me. I can be alone for a bit without anyone bothering me when I need to have quiet time. When i’m mad I know that I can go home and talk to my parents or brothers there with no people interrupting or coming into what I can’t talk to them about that topic, this brings this into trust. The people that I trust most are the people I live with I can talk to the people that I trust in my home. If I didn’t have my home I wouldn’t feel safe or comfortably.

Habitat for humanity

Habitat for humanity is a Volunteering company that Helps children with no homes.

home:Love, family, peace