Grade 4

St. Catharines

The Meaning of Home

Part One

A home is where I can sleep.

A home is where I can be secure and know that I am safe.

A home is where I feel loved.

A home is where I can feel like I can walk around, play and feel like I won’t be bothered.

Home is where I live in, and I know how another person would feel without a home – they feel sad, wet, cold, hungry, don’t have anything to wash themselves with.

So that’s why I’m writing this poem – so another child could have this.

Part Two

A home is for playing, enjoying and satisfying your hopes and needs.

It’s also for other people to enjoy, too.

It’s also for other people to have fun and goodness.

When someone doesn’t have a home they have sadness, aloneness.

When you give someone a home you give them a place to satisfy their needs and feel loved and safe.

This poem will help someone have a home and have family rituals.