Grade 5


The meaning of Home!

Home is where families gather around with kindness and joy. My home keeps me away from all my fears, it protects me from all the precipitation. When I’m angry I go to my room and close my eyes while I do that, I feel smooth fingers rushing through my hair then all my hate goes away in just a blink of a eye. Home is where my talent can be accepted and where I can trust people with peace and kindness. I don’t have to worry about getting robbed in my home because my home keeps me secured all the time and it give me comfort. All my positive memories are locked inside my home where I can see them. Home is a place where your sibling randomly be nice to you or rude and your parents turn into tired workers, but no matter what happened they still love you, more than anyone. Home is the right place to eat how much you want and the right place to have your soul be free. I love my home! Just the right place to roam like a bird.