Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Not all people have homes, but they have families. They can be big or small. Some go between houses. It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, at least you have a home.
Home is amazing, even family. These are my family members. My sister Kiera and my cousin Isabelle and my brothers Kyle and Kieren. I also have two loving guinea pigs Sylvester and Twix, and my fish Sugar. I love them all. Sometimes Kyle and I play soccer in the summer. Mom and I go for a walk for a walk, or Kiera and I run through the sprinkler in the summer. Kieren and I tell funny jokes. Isabelle supports me and asks me how’s my day. My dad tries to get me into sports, but I’m never going to. I love them all. If we get into a fight, we still love each other. My house makes me comfortable because I live there, and it won’t make me shy or scared. My house is where I learn new things and talk new people and feel comfortable. I can do my own thing. I love my family and my house, and I hope you do to.