Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Everyone has family, but not everyone has a home. I have a home that I love very much. I hope I do not lose it. Thousands of years ago people used to live here. I must take care of this place, this place carry’s memories, those memories are ours to keep and pass on to the next generation.
A home is a place you can come to and immediately feel affection. Home is a place everyone goes easy on you, nobody yells. A home is a place where sadness cannot seep in, but seep out. A home is a place you can slip a smile at everyone. A home is a place you learn lessons and teach lessons. A home is a place of hope and peace. A place of joy and happiness. A place with no judgment on what color you are, or what race you are. A place of comfort, like lying in bed dreaming. Somewhere you are welcomed for who you are. A place you love.
A home is whatever you want it to be. All you must do is, take care of your home, keep the memories, love it and never lose it. A home is not just a home, but a place of love and a place with your family.