Grade 4


The MEaning Of Home

The meaning of home
By: D S

The place where people love you. A house is empty and you start from the beginning. A home is where you feel safe knowing that your mom and dad will keep you safe and strong. Even if you live in an old shack with your family, you still feel good, protected and loved.

In a home your family is always supporting you leaving you relaxing by the fire. A house is where you always have to do stuff by yourself and starting from the beginning. A home is where you know a lot of people. A house is a random house on the street.

A home is much, much, much, more different from a house if you really think about it.

The happiness at home include: feeling really good when your family congratulates you on that A+, eating that chocolate cherry cheesecake sitting on the table, or just spending quality time with your brother.

You also have friends that you can play with, video games, or just talk and laugh with each other.

I have gratitude for my home because I know my friends really well, and I know my family really well (obviously). And that’s a good advantage to have in life. So the next time you see your family be sure to thank them for all the hard work they did to make your house feel like a relaxing,calm safe,loving home.