Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

Home is like a warm blanket or a fireplace to me. It keeps me warm when I am in it, no matter if the weather outside is harsh or not. When I am indoors, the roof keeps me away from the rain. Home is also like a protection to me. With four walls everywhere I look, every area in the house is safe. Next, my home is also a place where I can almost do anything. When I am hungry, I can go to the kitchen for a snack. When I want to relax, I go to the living room to watch television. When I need to study, I go to the office to do so. When I am tired and need a rest, I have my bedroom to sleep in. Following that, home is somewhere I might look forward to when I go out- to return home, to some place I can stay safe and happy all the time. Home is also a place I can be alone sometimes when I am upset and calm myself down. After I calm down, I can now do more things at home. Last but not least, the meaning of home means a sign family in my opinion. A tree could be a home to some birds. A den could be a home to a family of bears. A house could be my home, or your home. Families could stay safe together in their homes and have love and warmth to each other. We are like the glue to the house, keeping our home from getting abandoned. The house is also a family’s glue, since a home keeps families together and safe. As you see, home is a symbol of family, love and warmth.