Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

A home means using kindness and showing love to one another by helping them when their down. A home is a place where everyone is humble and thankful for each other.
Where we share and build community with everyone.
A place that everyone is important.
A place of praying and blessing god.
A home is where everyone is unique in their own way.
A place where you and your family enjoy fun activities.
A home is a place where I can relax and chillax.
A home is where you can do pranks, which is super legal.
A place where you can enjoy family traditions.
A home is a perfect place, a place for everyone to share love and kindness.
A place full of feelings and active personalities.
A place where you can cuddle with your loved ones while watching something entertaining.
A home is a house, tall and wide, with hopes that would never disappear.
A home is made by bricks, the hard work of others.
A home is where everyone puts effort in.
Where you can share life stories.
A home full of feelings and positive ideas to share with everyone you appreciate and to those who you care about.
A home is a place where we help and forgive those who have hurt us in the past.
A home is to be appreciated, to give thanks that we have a home.
This is what home means to me.