Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of a Home
When I walk into my home, I feel safe and loved. I think a home should make you feel happy, cozy and unique like tiger stripes. If you have a pet, I think you would understand that they make your home special. It is worthwhile adopting them. Your parents are the people who keep your home in line, clean and safe. Without them you wouldn’t even have a home or be alive! If I didn’t have my brother and sister, I would go wild! Who do you talk to? Who do you play with? I would be lonely without them. Love and Faith are the most important things in my Home. If you have Love and Faith in your home you would know it feels warm and gentle like hugging a kitten.
The Downstairs in my home is the best place to be. Downstairs has that cozy feel to it that sometimes pulls me there. It has the fireplace that is so snug on cold winter nights. When I’m lying on the couch by the fireplace, my cat Daisy will come and lay on my tummy. It is so cute! The living room upstairs is where we make so many memories. It is where my brother said his first word. Of course, his first word was, “Mom”. We wake up on Christmas morning and see our presents in front of the Christmas tree. The point is a home isn’t just a structure, it’s a place you can walk into and feel relaxed.