Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

My home means lots to me. It keeps me warm when it is cold out. My home is amazing because I have a comfy bed, lots of toys and I have food so I won’t starve. My home does many things for me. It keeps me safe and has lots of space for me and my family’s things. My home also keeps my stuff safe. My home has lots of nice things and if I didn’t have a home I would not have nice things like I do now.I do things in my home like watch t.v,play games,read,draw and lots more. I also have lots of fun in my home. I also play with my friends and my sisters and that is fun! My home protects me from thunder, lightning and rain. My home also protects me from strangers so they can’t just take me. It is nice to have a home it protects me. If I didn’t have a home I would be homeless on the street so I like to have a home and feel safe.