Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

Home gives you shelter and when it is cold it will keep you warm. It will keep good food and when it is hot it will keep you cool with AC. It gives you water. The special meaning of home is you could spend time with your family and play games on hot summer days or play in the snow. Some games you could play in the summer you could splash in a sprinkler and have some fun inside and splash around. At home you have a refrigerator to keep fresh food like oranges and apples. Also you will be safe from bad guys and you could play on your Nintendo Switch. At home you could play with your toys if you are a kid. Home gives you comfort when you are sick and when you are tired, also when you want to relax you could sit on the couch or you could sit on the couch when you are injured.Also you could watch TV on the couch. When you go into the backyard you could play many games like soccer, basketball, hockey on the pavement. At home if you have a sister or a brother you could play with them and also if you don’t have one could help do some things with your mom or dad, like help your dad cook or help your mom do the laundries and ask your mom to play with you. The meaning of home is you could have a life there and with your family. The meaning of home is you get a place to live instead of poor people like they don’t have any money. Home is important because you have a place to sleep and a place to store good food, and it’s a place where you have a life.