Grade 6

Fort Saskatchewan

The Meaning of Home

Most people think a house and a home are the same but a house is made out of a structure of nails, cement, bricks, and boards. A home is completely different. A home is not built out of nails and cement and bricks, a home is made out of memories, love, feeling safe, and people wanting you. Most people have pets and homes and food, but some people don’t even have a family or food or pets. We are really lucky that we have those and we have to be grateful. When we see someone on the highway don’t drive past them, get out and maybe tell them that everything will be fine and maybe if you want you can offer them money. Everybody on this planet is the same just because someone doesn’t have a home does not mean they are not a person. I remember once me and my sister wanted to go for a ride and watch the sunset and we rode out to one of our fields and watched the sunset. On the way back my sister got bucked off. She was crying and laughing at the same time and that was when I knew I was home. In your life you’re going to go through alot, but hopefully your parents will be there for you and maybe your friends too.