Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

What is the meaning of home? For me it’s a place that you can laugh and where your heart stands.You can have many places you feel at ,because it doesn’t matter where you are.As long as you have your family and friends there with you.Standing there though the long journey every step of the way.Even though you’re going on vacation to Mexico, and you’re staying in a hotel it des not mean the hotel is your home. Home is a feeling that you cannot explain to people.They will probabaly not get it as much as you do. Home is where you can be so many times and you will never get tired of sleeping there. When I am really sad I think of the one place that I can smile. The place that can light up your face the first step when you walk in. My home is at school and at soccer. At school I have all my friends that I truly love so much. At Soccer represents who I am and I am really excited to call it one of my homes. No one can ever take that special homes or homes away from you ,that place will probably be yours forever. You can also share it with some people if they don’t have one themselves.Maybe they want more homes. I wish everyone could have a home like me. There is no place I would rather be than there. With out a home who are you?Having a home is the greatest, awesomest thing that you will love forever.