Grade 6

British Columbia

The meaning of home

The meaning of is safe, happy and fun but 1 in 7 families don’t have homes to sleep in or to feel safe in, 1 in 7 families that’s a lot of families , most families don’t have h9mes because poverty, that’s a big issues in the world , Vancouver is one of the most expensive places to live and a 2 bedroom house is around 1.8 m that is a lot of money and plus you have to pay for water, electricity, and food , you have to pay for all thieve things plus taxes. A home is different than a house because a home is something that you and your family loves and a house is a place to live in, a home is where memories are made. Even though homeless shelters have beds to sleep in, but it takes a long time to get in to because of waiting lists and even though a homeless shelter gives you a roof over your head it’s like a house or a home the house is the homeless shelter and a home is your home it means a lot that is the meaning of home.