Grade 5

Red Deer

The Meaning Of Home

Happiness shines from this place that makes people feel a beautiful feeling on the inside. What’s the meaning of home you may ask? Well a home is a place where you can feel free from all of life’s worries and problems. It’s a beautiful place where happiness thrives and memories are made. Home resembles lots of things like safety, love and family. A home inhabits protection from the outside world or any dangers that are summoned against it. Home carries a wonderful feeling of love, whether it’s from family or safety any home will make the feeling of love blossom inside of you. Then lastly, homes are recognized for forming a place where families can come together and spread love and joy amongst each other. Family is what makes people feel better and a home is great for that. These are all the things that resemble a home, this is the meaning of home and it’s truly wonderful. So are these the only things that make a home home? Well there are other things like warmth and beauty in a home but these three are the most important. They form the meaning of a home and what it stands for which is very important to me. Home should be a place that everyone has and everyone should be able to experience the feeling of having a home. Safety, love, and family are the most important things that form a place called home.