Grade 5

British Columbia

The meaning of home

To me my house means a lot to me, because I have a family that loves me and cares for me and that if I did not have a family or a house then I would be cold and lonely. I like my home because I have a warm place to sleep every night, and a refrigerator that has food to feed me and my family, including my dog who eats kibble (which is dog food.) When I moved here from coquitlam I was happy that we had a street that has a dead end so we can play out on the street because barely anybody came down it, but when I lived in coquitlam we lived on a busy street, so we had to play on the side walk where there wasn’t very much room to play. I was also happy when we moved here that we lived right next to a forest and there was a swing hanging from a branch that I liked swinging on. I like my home because it is warm and safe for us to live in and it snows a lot more and I like it when we have snow days because I get to stay home with my family🙂 and when I feel sad my dog always comes up to me and licks my face and cheers me up🙂 I love my home and I’m glad I have one