Grade 5


The Meaning Of Home

Home to me is somewhere my happiness and health is provided.

I feel comfortable knowing there’s a place to call home, a place to feel safe, a place to feel appreciated and welcome and especially a place to be me.

But the only thing that truly makes my house a home is the people that share my home with me, my family.

Without them my house is not a home, without my family I would feel alone in a place with no memories. Yeah I could decorate my house with pictures of my favourite things but still it wouldn’t feel like home.

Home in my head is Happiness and heath, Opportunity, Memories and Everybody to share it with H.O.M.E.

Not everyone needs a family to feel at home some people need a comfort item or a pet.

The most important thing to have in my home is my loved ones.

Your house is home to you my house is home to me, I have grown to love my home.
That’s my meaning of home.