Grade 6


The Meaning of Home


Home is love.
Home is where the hearts’ are happy and full.
Going home to warmth, peace, cookies and people you love,
Is the best feeling you can have.
Jumping on a fluffy bed and cuddling cute little puppies.
Eating ice cream, chocolate cake and pumpkin pie,
while watching Christmas movies in September.
Laying on the squeaky old trampoline looking at the bright stars,
while a tiny fire crinkles in the fire pit.
Bumping the new volleyball,
shooting in the old hoop,
running around trees,
and having a fun little adventure.
Coming home after a terribly long day of school and sitting on the cozy couch with the sun shining through the window reflecting off of the mirror, while listening to music is the comfiest.
I’m grateful for my home and every single thing inside it.
My home is perfect for me.
That is what home is to me.