Grade 4


The meaning of home

Love, friendliness, kindness, warmth, family, and safety. These things you’ll find in your home.
Furniture, walls, clocks, plants, dust, and windows these things you’ll find in a house. On this planet there is no other place like home. When people think about the difference between house and home, they think that they are the same thing. But the truth is that they are not the same. Well if you’re wondering what the difference is, it’s that home is somewhere that you are safe, you feel love, there is friendliness, you feel kindness, you can feel warmth, you can recall beloved memories of you and your family, and the most important of all you can feel safety. But a house is just a building with walls, roofs, and windows. You can buy a house that you love, for example a beautiful sofa, fancy paint on the walls, lots of space, cool windows. But the thing is that your house doesn’t feel like a home. So that’s my summary of the difference between a house and home.