Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

“Home is where our story begins”- Annie Danielson. I agree that home is where my story begins because home is your HQ your safe house in this essay I will talk about what home means to me.
When I think of my home I think safety when I think safety I think: defense, protection& security. Protection in my home means protecting me and my family from Canada’s harsh weather. Defense in my home means if intruders come in to my house to harm me or my family we’re prepared. Lastly security means I have people in my home that make me feel safe.
Shelter in my home means keeping me and my family are dry on wet or rainy days, it also means keeping me and my family warm in Canada’s harsh winters, and finally shelter keeps me cold on hot days…with AC.
Last on the list is food and food to me mean warm food, cooked and drinks.
In this essay I talked about what home means to me I said safety, shelter and food and I went in to detail with those 3 words safety, shelter and food