Grade 6

rm of stanley

The Meaning of Home

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels better to come back.”- Wendy Wunder. When I think of home I’m always happy to leave, just like the quote said. And I’m always happier to come back home. My home is almost my life. To me home is somewhere that I feel warm, and that I have shelter.
One thing that makes me think of home is how it provides me with shelter. Shelter gives me protection when there are (snow) storms. My home also keeps me dry. It keeps me dry in front of a fire. I also think of warmth when I think of shelter. My bed always keeps me feeling cozy/warm. These are three reasons why shelter makes me think of home.
The 2nd reason why these reasons make it feel like home is warmth. When I feel warm I’m usually lazy. The reason I’m lazy is because I can watch tv and I can have a nap. Hot chocolate also keeps me warm while I’m relaxing. I feel warm when I’m loved. I feel like I’m loved when I’m playing and having fun with my family and friends. This is what I feel like when I have warmth.
In this story, “the meaning of home”, I talked about shelter and warmth. The reason I wrote about these characteristic’s is because to me, they mean HOME.