Grade 6

Grande Prairie

The Meaning of Home

When I think of the word home, I think of where memories are made. Like watching movies with your family to dancing and baking in the kitchen with grandma or playing hide and seek with siblings but really just tricking them into going away so they stop bothering you. Home is a place to escape from school and being able to relax,a place to take shelter when cold or raining. Home is where you can gather around your dinner table and say grace and share some crazy stories with others. When I was much younger my parents split up, so I had more than one home, I had two. It’s a place where I would somewhat escape from my other parent. One of my family members gave me the best advice I think so far I have ever gotten, “it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you have family you will always be home” and at the time I was confused but as I got older I slowly realised the meaning of it. I think that With Habitat for Humanity, it’s an amazing organization that will help many families in the future.